Hammond / Doomfist / Overwatch Character

While watching Horizon Lunar Colony reveal, i saw Hammond's name. Some people speculated Hammond is going to be a character. i liked the idea of a second primate (minus humans) , wrote a story around previous events and tied it to Doomfist.
I know when you add a major different skill, it will broke the whole balance. And i don't want to design an unbeatable fella. I tried to keep Hammond's skills are code and balance friendly.

i hope you will like it, and i hope it will reach out to Jeff Kaplan :)

Burak cinar hammondandwinston
Burak cinar story

story of Hammond, i hope you will like it.

Burak cinar skills

UI design made by BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, INC. i only did the character icons and skills.

Burak cinar character animation
Burak cinar why

some bulletpoints about why i designed him this way